Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pictures from Indy Race weekend

First off, I have to say, all of the above pictures are courtesy of my youngest daughter Lisa since I left my camera in the camper. Thank you Lisa!!!

Can you say PIT PASSES!!! It all started Friday night when we were attending the Nascar Truck Series race at the Chicagoland Speedway. I went down to go to the bathroom and I was walking back to my seat when I say this guy with his little boy up on his shoulders and it was so darn cute, I tapped him on the arm and said "That is so cute with you little boy on your shoulders, too bad I left my camera in the camper". He said oh thanks. Are you going to be at the race tomorrow? (the Indy car races). I said, yes Im gonna be here. He then asked me if I wanted 2 Pit Passes. Well how can I pass those up? I believe he bought them so he could take his young son in there but didnt realize no one under the age of 10 can go in the pits. So he gave them to me!!! Yahhhhhhhhhh for me. lol

So I go back to the stands and show Jay and the girls the Pit Passes. Jay and I both agreed the girls could use them and go down there the next day together. Can you believe they actually get in a fight before they even get to the Pits and Kelsey turns around and comes all the way back to the parking lot and informs me that I can go with Lisa. I couldnt believe it. So Lisa and I went down there. It was sooooo cool. We even got to meet HELIO CASTRONEVES!!! What a smile!!! We walked all around back there, visited VICTORY LANE, sat on Pit Wall, walked all around the garages watching them getting all the cars ready. It was awesome!!! Too bad Helio crashed on lap 185. How sad :( !!!

Enjoy!!! Make it a great day!!!

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Christi said...

OMG I am SO jealous!!! Indy is HUGE in my house (well, my dad's house LOL). One of his dreams before he dies is to just go to an Indy race but pit passes!! Woa!!! How awesome!! TFS!